How to disable caching of input fields

this is one pesky feature,.. if you ask me. well to the point ,. if u make your ordanary<input> html control the content of it will be cached in browser memory,.  this way if you press F5 it will remember your input,.. and from time to time you want to diable that ,.. and this is how you do it.

add autocomplete=”off” attribute to your her’s an exsample.

<input  type=”text”  id=”myInput runat=”server”   value=”” autocomplete=”off”  />

Using javascript width a-tag href atribute

Recently i’ve descovered a problem with using javascript and events with anchor tags
the folowing code is not compatible with IE6, but works on everything else

<a href=”javascript:return;”  onclick=”javascript:doSomething();”>mjau</a>

when run this code results in Javascript – error  in IE6..
to resolve this,. issue ,.. you can do following ,.. move the return statment after
your javascript funktion.. like this

<a href=”#” onclick=”javascript:doSomething(); return false;”>mjau</a>

problem solved ,.. (c: