How to debug Lucene indexes

Lucene search is a god’s gift to man,.. it is fast and easy to use with sitecore ,.. but from time to time you have to debug it,..
So how do you read the generated indexes ,.. well ,.. I found this wonderful free toolbox made made by
Andrzej Bialecki,.. it is java ,.. and it is wonderful ,..


How to write compatible HTML for Outlook mails

Writing markup for outlook HTML mails can be a pain… beacouse the outlook html render engine is outdated by centuries compared to modern browsers..
Well Microsoft can have their reasons for not keeping it up to date,.. so you never know which CSS style to use and which not to ,..
So here is a quick list of what Outlook supports,..

New sitecore blog found (c:

I have found this very interesting blog about sitecore related topics,.. interreting reading ,.. check it out at ,.. cheers for brian ,.. (c:

Todays XSLT loveliness

 How would you display an Items field in sitecore XSLT rendering ,..
This is how (c:

<sc:html field="....fieldName..." select="sc:item('{....ItemID.... }',.)"/>

easy as eating pancakes ,.. ..