mshtml – changing innerHtml of an element

This has turend out to be a wery pesky problem,.. i just wanted to add to javascript tags that i was reading from another web-page.. But as it tuns out you cant just do it,.. So if you do something like this ,.. it woud not work ,.. innerhtml will not be updated.

HTMLScriptElementClass script = (HTMLScriptElementClass)html.createElement("script"); 
script.innerHTML  = "/**/";

So i decided on another approach (c: If i could not access it, i would make my own,..

//get the html element 
HTMLScriptElementClass script = (HTMLScriptElementClass)html.createElement("script");
script.setAttribute("type", (object)"text/javascript", 0);
script.setAttribute("id", (object)id, 0);
// make your own element which holds the changed element
object oScript = html.GetType().GetMethod("getElementById").Invoke(html, new object[] { (object)id });
oScript.GetType().GetProperty("text").SetValue(oScript, "/**/", null);

// remove the old element  to the DOM

// insert your own element in to the DOM 
html.Document.Body.AppendChild (element);

well that’s how I did it ,.. and if you are wondering how to read DOM from other pages using .Net take a look at this ,.. (c:
Cheers and out.


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